Battlefield 4 – PC Gameplay Ultra Settings

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Sample of multiplayer gameplay from the PC version of Battlefield 4 Beta. The game is extremely similar to BF3 in most respects, with refinements in both graphics and gameplay. As the video shows, it is generally a lag-free and stutter-free experience even on ageing machine like mine. As for the lack of skills, that’s my fault and not my machine’s 🙂

The game is running at Ultra settings, with the exception of MSAA Off. Network Smoothing (interpolation) is also set at 20%, and VSync is…

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27 thoughts on “Battlefield 4 – PC Gameplay Ultra Settings

  1. I've never had the Battlefield series of games.
    Would you guys recommend one to me for AWESOME multiplayer gameplay?

    Btw I have an
    GTX 1060

    How many fps you think I could get on something like bf4 with settings on ultra?

  2. Can anybody please help me
    i wonna buy bf4 on a laptop (asus Rog series)
    can i run it?

    Intel® Core i7-6700HQ (2600~3500 Mhz)

    8 GB (1×8 )

    nVidia® GeForce® (GTX960M )

    1000 GB (7200 rpm )

    15.6 Inch (1920×1080 )


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