Battlefield 4 Minimap Pro Tips & Tricks – Size & Zoom

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Hey guys today we’re going to take a look at how use your minimap to be most effective in BF4.

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32 thoughts on “Battlefield 4 Minimap Pro Tips & Tricks – Size & Zoom

  1. But how do I get the map to show? I don't have a minimap or ammo display. This problem has been persistent for a few months and there's nothing in the setting I could find to bring it back. (Xbox one)

  2. This would be kind of interesting to show someone who is unfamiliar with video games to present how much thinking goes into playing an FPS game. For the most part, it does kind of look like mindless shooting and explosions, but some of the thought processes of strategy and how BEST to go about that shooting (mentally decoding what your minimap is telling you, for example) is pretty neat.

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