34 thoughts on “BATTLEFIELD 4 in 2018 (PS4)

  1. En que servidor juegas bro? Europeos falla la cosa jajja ya no hay nada y no me termina de convencer el bft1 y el 5 es por el estilo al 1, en eate me sale problemas de red y juego con 600 mb de los cuales m dice k llego a 485mb de subida y de carga 50.6 mb… a si k este juego ya está para la basura jajja

  2. Bad company 2019 release for ps4 would be epic or bf3 remastered would be amazing as that was miles better then bf4 would still be happy with a remaster for that aswell to work on ps4 Pro and 4k graphics update you could say thess new battlefield war setting are crap they defo need to go back to. Modern warfare

  3. battlefield 2 was the last one I really played much. It had the most amazing physics especially for bullets. The sniper rifle and class in battlefield 2 is a good example. I could never get a kill with it. Then I googled and someone said in a forum: “You gotta take your time, pace yourself, and take deep breaths so as to get a rhythm with the shot and timing of it”. You see, in BF 2, the bullets were influenced by vertical gravity more so than in subsequent games. It really had a feel with the physics that gave weight to your movement and handling. That said, BF 3 and 4 also look great to me. For me its 2 but I dont mind the direction they went in 3 and 4.

  4. Battlefeild 4 servers on the Xbox one get super laggy sometimes and it's just horrible, like it just a long a few hours it last for a few days then stops and runs super smooth the. Starts up again when ever it decides to hit again

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