Battlefield 4 Gun Sounds vs Battlefield 3

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A cool gun sounds comparison between two great Battlefield titles. BF4 vs BF3! Check it out and enjoy!

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29 thoughts on “Battlefield 4 Gun Sounds vs Battlefield 3

  1. (OPINION)
    bf4s pistol sounds are absolute crap because it's the exact same sound used and then modified, while bf3s pistol sounds sound different.
    the only reason i'm hating so much on bf4 is because dice reused the animations. so yeah, please don't start a fight. i'm sorry if this offends anyone. this is my opinion.

  2. bf4 is better and bf1 more better and bf5 will be also more better .. its evolution
    but the best is in call of duty or a in a game named "contract wars"

  3. Do they not animate the hammer dropping and hitting the firing pin? The hammer doesn't even move for the 1911. Shot goes off, slide goes back but the hammer stays in the cocked position the whole time.

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