Battlefield 4 – CTE Reticle Options – Size, Color and Intensity

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In CTE you are now able to customize both your hip fire and optic reticle. You change the size, color and intensity.

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48 thoughts on “Battlefield 4 – CTE Reticle Options – Size, Color and Intensity

  1. This helped me a lot, since i fraked up all my sights in my game. If you could make a video about vehicles such as tanks when you try to use the night vision that be awesome. Mine is completely white or green and it's to bright to see. I tried reducing the colors but it's making it worse. My entire advance options is messed up. I have no reticle or sizes when i zoom in.

  2. I run with Coyote blue dot, at 150% size  and max visibility. I shows up pretty well in all environments and doesn't distract me like a bright red dot. It just keeps my eye centered and not focused on the dot, if that makes sense.

  3. What happened to the reticle's overall appearance since the game came out though? They used to be nice and bright with a lightsaber-type glow. But now they are flat plain red pixels.

  4. Sure this is a nice option but now it just seems like they are giving us more things to try and make us forget that there are real problems with the game. Dice please fix the game before working on options like this! 

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