Battlefield 3 vs Crysis: Graphics Comparison

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Here are the two games Battlefield 3 and Crysis graphics comparison in absolute! Get your own image who has the lead … * cough * Crysis * cough *
But not ignore the release year:
Battlefield 3 —- 2011
Crysis ————- 2007

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20 thoughts on “Battlefield 3 vs Crysis: Graphics Comparison

  1. Crysis on cryengine 2 with custom map looks better than 2011 battlefield 3 on frostbite 2.0. Its not even nodded,why people think that its modded.
    If crysis 1 from 2007 looks better than 2011 battlefield 3,While crysis 2 with blackfire mod looks better than battlefield 4,while crysis 3 looks better than battlefield 5,and crysis 3 looks much better than uncharted 4. Cryengine 9.2/10,frostbite 7.1/10.

  2. those are not official crysis maps, just moded, but still its show us that somebody dont wanna give us better graphic in games, crysis its from 2007 ,8 years, they using maybe 65 % of what they can make.. in game

  3. I believe crysis looks better here.
     However, if you test which of the two will look better on a mid range computer, BF wins. With everything on ultra except AO (ssao) and Anti aliasing (just using post processing) I'm getting over 120 fps with a 7870.

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