Battlefield 1 vs Battlefield V (ALPHA) | Direct Comparison

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Comparing both visual and gameplay elements of the new Battlefield V (Alpha) and the previous Battlefield 1.

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42 thoughts on “Battlefield 1 vs Battlefield V (ALPHA) | Direct Comparison

  1. There is a mistake here. Only squad members and medics can revive, not everyone. When playing, I was revived by a player who was not a part of my squad, and the normal squad animation was playing, which lead me to believe everyone can revive everyone.

  2. Battlefield 1 will always be best, Battlefield 1 was the most detailed battlefield game ever. So much effort was put into the game, details so small you will never notice them. The gameplay is so fun and maps and weapons and so good. I love bf1 and I’ve never liked any game as much as bf1.

  3. your fps problems may well be cpu bound just because you have a 1080 doesnt mean you will have guaranteed high fps you will need a cpu and ram with good speed to take full advantage

  4. In bf5 they wanted to ge5 old thinga back. See the ammunition number type from bf 1942?or like that handgun? They even git mp40 and stg44 back i dont remember seeing them in bf1 because i never played but just watched but about 1942 i played it

  5. The only reason why I might not get this is because I mainly play battlefield for the battles in the airs, dogfighting. But there’s something about BFV’s dogfighting mechanics which doesn’t feel right. It seems slow and doesn’t feel like it does in BF1 where it’s not fast paced and dogfighting requires some amount of skill rather than just lock-on spamming unlike BF4. Idk though, I’ve only played the beta so we’ll see

  6. C'mon now battlefield, I know you want to make money and that's fine but don't get carried away now. stay focused! the main goal her has to still be to get a better and more beautiful game then the previous release, right? I promise you one thing, if you keep disappointing your fans you will lose money. how to fuck can people say that bf1 is better then bf5? this means you are coming up short! lets be real here now, every time you release a fallow up you have to, just have to, do it only if you know without a reasonable doubt the game is going to be better then the previous one, this is what our friendship is based on. look, don't disappoint me again all right! I'll still get bf5 but stop disappointing me again because I will go to the competition. just make it up to me with the bf5 follow up all right? love you stay safe.

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