Battlefield 1 VS Battlefield 4

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Hey guys, today we’re going to take a look BF1 and BF4 to compare their quality, content, and fun factors.

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20 thoughts on “Battlefield 1 VS Battlefield 4

  1. Everyone who thinks bf4 is better…he is …..a jerk.Bf1 is much better.Many people say that bf4 has better weapons but you should think that bf1 is about ww1(1914-1918)and it is normal to have worst guns.Also bf1's graphics and physics are much much better!!!!

  2. I just want a game that is not futuristic nor back in time like ww2 or ww1. I just want a game that represents today’s real guns not just some futuristic glowing looking gun. My vote is for bf4. They need to bring back these games like bf4 and mw2 those games are not futuristic not back in time and that’s why I like bf4.

    Edit: I to like back in time games but not as much as games like bf4

  3. i prefer bf4, because of the customization (soldier and gun) and the fact that i thought all classes were fun and had their uses, but in bf1 i really only find myself playing sniper because at close range there are only automatici users, and mid is only lmgs and medics

  4. Bf4 is way better but people give bf1 way too much shit. Bf1s battles are a lot crazier and the destruction is super good. But bf4 adds little things the the tower at siege and the flood zone

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