Battlefield 1 VS Battlefield 4 Ultra Graphics Comparison (1440p)

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Battlefield 1 VS Battlefield 4 Ultra Graphics Comparison. Which is best?

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23 thoughts on “Battlefield 1 VS Battlefield 4 Ultra Graphics Comparison (1440p)

  1. There are two Comparisons I would like to explain myself that I enjoyed between these two games.

    Battlefield 4 : The thing I like about Battlefield 4 is that its Variety. You have 64 players going at each other and you have that Feel as if you are a team and you've got to win and enjoy the game in all the same scenario. However I don't know how this game can be compared to each other. The BF 1 was obviously a newer game than this one, However Battlefield 4 is released and Finished 100%. There are most likely no more DLC's that are coming out for the game, But what makes the game so unique and Enjoyable is that its Variety it has game modes that are more focused on and more entertaining for all types of Gamers. Variety of weapons and gadgets to your Disposal. Etc.

    Battlefield 1 : Frankly talking about this one, Of course the graphics are better, But what makes me like Battefield 1 is that the animation of characters. They arn't as Joltey as BF4 does. the characters move more fluidly able to dodge Bullets much more Consistent and gives the player a bit more chance to Evade being shot than being static and so.

    Both games are fun indeed, But Battlefield 4 has the worse Animations I would think, I think they have something shoved up their ass's when they Run or they have about 1,000 Bullets in their body and they stiffen up. and for BF 1. Frankly they have more Animation styles and they have more Infantry focused, Vehicles do give a good benefit to the battlefield but at the same time I don't really see much the vehicles in use. as for battlefield 4 they are more Focused on the vehicle Battle of BF4.

    I just like what the visuals and "Feel" they gave in BF1. Its a shame that they Implemented that into a new game than actually Refining the Previous game they Built and still have thousands of players that play.

    But Graphically wise. BF1 would win just because they have a better Engine and better "Eye" Candy as I would say than BF4. Like I said, BF4 had Hard Jolts when playing its too snappy and too Harsh on your eyes. As for BF 1 the characters have more focus and more animation and Outfits that "Flow" they focused on the outfits to appeal better to Be more realistic just as they did in Battle front 2.

  2. battlefield 4 on 4k(or 200% upsclaling ) and ultra peset with msaa looks drop dead gorgeous, although i play on ultra 150 upscaling with ultra seettings with aa/mb/dof off and get around 90 fps on single 1080 core i5 1080p 80z monitorz, which wayyy looks better than more than the games released this/previous year

  3. I fucking love BF4, I really, really do. But if you seriously try to say that the graphics in BF4 are better than BF1 you are lying to yourself, and insulting DICE for not recognizing the jump in graphical fidelity between the two games

  4. It's really a shame that vehicle play in bf1 is so boring and shallow. The skill gap for vehicles in bf4 is gigantic compared to bf1.

    As for infantry, I prefer bf4 style, though I am MUCH better at bf1.

  5. Bf1 has surely better graphics, but its obvious, its newer…anyway I tried it for a week thanks to origin and i felt so bad with it. I played bf4 for a long time and watched so many good players playing it, learning, and Bf1 will never give me that feeling that bf4 gives…bf4 in conclusion is far more a competitive game and if you prefer one to the other, it is probably due to habits

  6. Love for the game aside, it is 100% undeniable that BF1 has better graphics. It IS 3 years newer after all, it isn't like it's a big surprise or anything.

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