Battlefield 1 vs Battlefield 4 – Graphics and Sound Comparison Gameplay

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Gameplay de Battlefield 1 and Battlefield 4 – Xbox One
Graphics and sound comparison gameplay
Comparativa de gráficos y sonido gameplay
Capturadora Elgato Game Capture HD 60
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50 thoughts on “Battlefield 1 vs Battlefield 4 – Graphics and Sound Comparison Gameplay

  1. Both games are different. BF4 is modern Warfare and BF1 is based on ww1. They are some of the best battlefield games ever. BF4 has quite good graphics but BF1 has better. Actually both games are fun but bf4 is more fun. Despite its made in 2013 it is a very nice game (BF4). Say opinions.

  2. Honestly both of the games are great but with the price of bf1 with 29.99€ and bf4 with 5.99€ in playstation store EU i think u should pick bf4 and the rest 24€ u can buy with it one or two AAA game this was the best decision i made today and now i have bf4 and the witcher 3 and just cause all those games just with 30€
    The witcher 3 with 14€ , just cause 3 with 11€

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