Battlefield 1 vs. Battlefield 4 – Attention To Detail

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Wonder why I’m comparing a Battlefield game made in 2013 to a Battlefield game made in 2016? Then watch the video! I really want to explore my Battlefield 1 vs. Call Of Duty World War 2 video and see if I was being unfair to Call Of Duty World War 2. To find out how I do this, guess what you have to do? Watch the video!

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48 thoughts on “Battlefield 1 vs. Battlefield 4 – Attention To Detail

  1. Don't know why people are comparing BF1 and BF4 and having so many cancerous arguments over which is better. You want the best WW1 game ever made, go play BF1. You want one of the best modern games ever made, go play BF4.

  2. Wow. A comment war down there on which is a better game.

    Everyone has a taste. Chill out.
    I have 1000+ hours played on BF4 since 2015,
    and 300+ hours on BF1 since 2017.
    Both are great games.
    I prefer Battlefield 1 overall. It's just more fluid and immersive for me. (Still lacks content compared to BF4 though).

  3. come on guys let's settle this like gentlemen, BF4 was pretty damn fun and mostly detailed for a 2013 game and BF1 was a lot more hectic and fast paced in terms of gameplay and is fun and is pretty detailed but you're probably not gonna notice it because of the chaos.

  4. Even though BF4 has a sharper look and BF1 has a muddier look, BF1 looks significantly better. BF1 has some minor issues but you can't deny the game still looks freakin' amazing, on top of that it's well optimized and looks good on all platforms. The historical inaccuracy is really not a big deal considering how detailed the game is, how good it looks and how fun the mp is.

  5. Bf4 has better bullet decals. In bf1 if you shoot walls and fences every gun makes same kind of destruction. But in bf4 theres a difference. Pistols machineguns etc all leave differend kind of sparks, dust,depris…Also in bf4 it has bullet penetration, you can shoot trough thin walls etc, but in bf1 theres none.

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