5 Reasons Why Battlefield 3 Is Better Than Battlefield 4

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Hey guys today I’m going to list my 5 top reasons why BF3 is a superior game to BF4.

1: HUD is less cluttered and easier to read in BF3
2: Grenade Spam has reached ridiculous levels in BF4
3: BF3 had better map design
4: PDWs and DMRs were useful in BF3
5: Netcode is still better in BF3

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36 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why Battlefield 3 Is Better Than Battlefield 4

  1. Someone help me I can't play multiplayer, co-op or open my players or premium not even store please help me I really want to play bf3 and I wasted 40$ HEEEEELP MEEEEE btw I'm on Xbox 360

  2. Which game will y’all recommend to buy in 2018, would it be battlefield 3 og 4? Kind of tired of battlefield 1 and would like to play one of those games while waiting for the new battlefield 5.

  3. I took the time to memorize the weapon stats of this game and I'm never mad when I die. Literally each death I always know what happened and it makes sense most of the time, I've never come close to this in any other game.

  4. I was depressed with the performance of bf4 and stopped playing outright. Never even unlocked everything.

    Biggest issue was the net code. Bf3 I played beastly and had great fun with games. But bf4 the net code severely hampered my performance and made enjoying it nearly impossible. Especially when it came to vehicle gameplay.

  5. BF3 is still a better game till this day. I try to enjoy BF4, but the inconsistent gunfights really piss me off. BF3, the good do good all the time and the bad do bad. But in BF4 it's way worse.

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