1. I have a class in Ghosts called martydom, in the class I equip a shield, and once I'm close to an enemy I pull out a canister bomb and let the enemy kill my while they'll die from the bomb I dropped close to them

  2. Just gonna say multiplayer I'm a fuckin noob ??just saying mostly hinting to the juggernaut I usually play with ballistic knife or If not ill just go the old fashioned and use melee which Is my usual I'm not bad with a gun and I do know how to use with my smarts against a person who have a gun mostly buttt yeah at first Juggernaut sum speed and sumhing else that helps with melee was my go to thing and still is I'm actually hoping to become a lil better by time but so far I'm I'm above noob but since my dumbass is bring a knife to a gun fight and I'm playing with Bette players it's obvious where this is going just saying I'm usually the one in 6 or 8 place in free for all an ig I can already It to 2 or 3 place team wise ill get th front somebody cover me an the another person covers area that my first guy can't and I usually use a teammate as bait I understand I'm an ass but I usually play with guy who run out head first so while they're taking the bullets I usually sneak behind and take care of the rest tbh melee is my go to thing for mostly all fps lmao….omg ima noob

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